My name is Steve Dunn. My passion is connecting people to Jesus Christ and helping churches provide thoughtful,faithful,fruitful and welcoming ministry. For 11 years I served as the Lead Pastor of the Church of God of Landisville and I believe that Jesus came to take away your sin, not your mind. I’ve been a pastor for 38 years and have a great heart for making the Christian faith accessible and inviting to emerging generations. Currently I am involved in teaching for Winebrenner Theological Seminary and conducting Bridgebuilders Seminars, helping traditional churches reach their unchurched neighbors. I am also available as a church leadership, evangelism and outreach consultant. You can contact me at PO Box 184 Landisville PA 17538

  1. Ken said:

    Hey Steve… thanks for dropping by my site an for the kind words. Looks like we have a great deal in common. Married in 1971? 1969 for Carolyn and me. Blessings!

  2. Greetings Steve,
    I would like to repost your blog entry with photos. I have launched a site dedicated to children in praise and worship and I would like to highlight your team’s ministry. This is the post I want to use: Spent an awesome and memorable week helping our Navajo sister church in Tsaile AZ conduct Bible School. 26 of my people had their lives changed and a whole lot of Navajo children were blessed by the love of God. The setting of Tsaile is a place of great beauty, but even more beautiful are the faces of the Navajos themselves and the joy that comes when people are simply trying to bless one another in name of Jesus Christ. Here are a few of the memorable scenes from that week.
    My blog is

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