Seeking a King



Reading: Matthew 2.2-12

We think there three of them. But that is an assumption based on the number of gifts they brought with them on their journey. They were not Jews, not worshipers of Yahweh. They were wise men, men who studied the stars–and they were kings. The were kings looking for a king.

They had seen his star in the East–a new star they believed to herald something world-changing. A king worthy of worship. And so they left their home and places of honor to honor one they did not yet know. Two years they traveled until they found the One they sought.

In the church calendar, their story belongs in Epiphany, the season that follows Christmas. But I want to think it today. Advent is about expectation, about seeking, about hope yet realized and joy yet experienced.

Finding that for which you hope requires seeking and seeking requires belief that it exists and is worth journey. And at first that hope requires a sign.

When you are person who lives expectantly–you do not miss the sign. But when you have given up expecting or one who doesn’t care–you rarely find the kind of living Hope that can change your life.

I pray that this season you have not grown callous or uncaring or inattentive that you miss the “Star”that is there on the horizon. Keep on seeking Jesus.

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