I have a confession to make. I don’t remember if I registered to vote. I moved to a new community early last year and was out of town on election day. Because I work as an Intentional Interim Pastor, I anticipated being in a new community at this time. My job, however, depends on someone dying, being fired, unexpectedly quitting, or retiring. I would not wish the first three on anyone. There have been no such changes since I completed my last assignment, so I am still living in this community.

Tomorrow is election day and I need to call the election board and see if I am registered. If I didn’t or if I did and don’t go the polls, I will be part of what is wrong with our nation. People don’t vote. They do not participate in the process. A healthy body politic requires an informed and responsible citizenry who actively participates in the political process and then holds those they elect accountable to do what is in the best interests of the nation.

But a healthy body politic, especially in a democracy requires more. It requires a civil citizenry that is concerned with what is best for all its citizenry–not just its party or special interest group. We are often so divided and hostile before we go to the polls that we elect leaders who reflect this and the nation suffers accordingly.

On Facebook this week I came across a post that reflects an attitude I believe we need to embrace if ours is to be a nation that works for the good of all of its people–and makes us a stronger and more unified nation as a result.

I know that many young people have opted out of the political process because they no longer have confidence in their politicians and are fed up with our political parties.Maybe we would restore their confidence if as Americans–voters, citizens, leaders – we heeded this simple counsel.


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