Walked into Panera’s this morning I order a cup of coffee and a cinnamon crunch bagel.  I needed to get a head start on my sermon for the week.  I was greeted by this sign:
Please do not put the to go cups in the microwave!
My first thought was “of course not,” followed by “that’s a no-brainer.” Apparently from some it’s rocket science.
Then there was the girl who was sitting in front of me at a stop light rapidly texting.  “I hope she stops when it’s time to drive.”  The evidence is overwhelming that texting leads to fatalities on the road.  The light changed, she rolled forward still banging the keyboard.
Or the guy I saw passing me doing 80 in a 65-mile an hour zone and then passing the state trooper who I was following still doing 80.  Soon those red lights began to flash.
The list could go on and probably will. I imagine I will see even more evidences of these kind of behaviors before I get home this evening.
There are times when the level of practical intelligence exhibited is so low that it’s ridiculous.  We humans seem intent at times on not using the brains God has given us (if we believe in God at all.)  Remember the lady who sued McDonalds because her hot coffee spilled and burned her as she carried away from the counter?  What did she think hot coffee would do if you walked with it without allowing for the laws of motion and gravity at work in a cup that you had taken the cap from?
Life is not intended to be lived in obliviousness to life.  There are laws of nature, there are laws of action and consequence, there are laws risk and result.  There are laws of our spiritual nature.  These are part of the Creator’s design–not to inhibit us, but to give us boundaries that protect us from the foolishness born of our basic depravity.  And He gave us a brain to observe, to learn, to act.
Maybe it’s time we learned to use those brains wisely.
(C) 2013 by Stephen L Dunn

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