I still like a morning paper. After years of travel and more than one stay in a hotel, I have found USA TODAY to be my paper of choice. But I have a confession to make. After scanning the articles on the front page and perhaps following the lead article to the second, I quickly turn to Section C. If you read USA TODAY, you know that’s the sports section.

I can spend quite a long time pouring over those pages, especially during baseball season. I even read the columns–such as that of Christine Brennan. I love the statistics and the human interest stories found there.

And then I turn to … the Suduko puzzle.

I almost never watch network or even cable news anymore–unless there is a major event or a major storm that I am watching unfold. I still love to watch Jim Cantrell bending in the wind ocean-side during a hurricane’s arrival.

But the news, I just don’t get that excited anymore. Maybe it’s the incredible bias of most news organizations, who seem more about presenting a political position that honest, unbiased news reporting. I mean,the Al Jazeera TV news channel on American cable television? What part of “beat up on the West” don’t you see?

News cycles come and go — sometimes taking something small and manufacturing it into a life-threatening crisis. Would Mylie Cryus really have been such a big deal if we just ignored her foolish adolescent self-promotion?

Do I sound shallow? Or naive? Or just weary of the manufacturing of “news” that often ignores the true values needed by humanity and makes human imperfection a punishable offense.

Just reflecting today. Maybe this wasn’t worth your time to read this. But then, you can always delete this blog from your newsfeed.0294


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