I have some special friends. They are Egyptian Christians, who have come to the US not to make a better financial life or to compete for jobs with Americans, but because in their homeland they were constantly under threat from Islamic extremists or persecuted by their communities because they are Christians. Some were pastors, whose churches were closed or burned. Others were respected teachers and one even a newscaster who had to leave a land they deeply love because their lives and the futures of their children were being destroyed. In most cases, none of them has found a job commensurate with their positions in Egypt. Between language or certifications and biases, they work as waitresses, laborers, cooks, in small factories. Many were part of the popular movement of the people that led to the ouster as Hasni Mubarak. Many have been part of the day-to-day effort to help all religious parties work in peace and harmony for the liberty and prosperity of their land. And now, once again, the churches in Egypt, the families of these families are under attack. And except for a few Muslim neighbors who respect them, little is being done to protect them at all. Before proceeding, simply look at this fairly simple video provided by CNN on Friday.
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When I posted this video on Facebook, I simply asked “What is our government doing to respond to this horrendous violation of simple human rights. I am now receiving answers and later this week will share some of those. In the mean time, please be praying. Just this past Saturday and Sunday, 17 more churches were burned in a small region where one of my friends three years ago called home. And the brother and family of another, the brother who is a pastor is now in hiding because the hometown extremists have threatened to simply come and kill his family. Please be in prayer.


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