One of the great joys in my life is creative writing. These days the bulk of that goes to my weekly sermons and the many blogs I own or contribute to. (Those of you who have Facebook friendships with me know there are a lot of them because I used Networked Blogs tied to my home page to syndicate them). Sermons I write for a living, blogs I write for pleasure, encouragement, edification and catharsis. But I am falling behind on the creative writing I do for a living. Right now I have a book and three manuals that need to be completed yesterday and need to stop and attend to paying the rent.  So borrowing from a concept I learned from another blogger.  I am about to take a blogcation.

Beginning July 1st I am taking a 30-day blogcation from all blogs including this one so I can get that other writing done.  The exception will be the two blogs tied to my church consulting ministry Being the Best Church for the Community and Bridges to the Bridge.  Anything you get during that time has been pre-written and pre-scheduled.  (Unless, of course, I get so inspired or fired up that I take a vacation from the blogcation.)  Don’t cancel your subscription, just be patient.  I look forward to rejoining you on the internet.  – STEVE


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