300218_587933924552722_1955835807_nBY STEVE DUNN

Tournament darling (or Cinderella) Florida Gulf Coast went down last night to Florida after being the first 15th seed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. When they knocked off Georgetown, most brackets were busted big-time. Georgetown was the first of my Final Four predictions to bite the dust.

Brackets be darned. For a time I was hoping for an All Big Ten Final Four (just to silence Charles Barkley among other things) but Friday Indiana got busted by Syracuse and my second Final Four pick exited the tournament. Michigan State’s loss last night to Duke reduced that fleeting fancy even further but Michigan’s upset of Kansas still makes an All Big Ten Final a possibility. I had just intended for Ohio State to triumph over Indiana instead of the Wolverines.la-sp-aaron-craft-20130328

One of the clear stars of the tournament to date is Aaron Craft, that Findlay OH native (I am a Findlay OH native) who defended and three-pointed his team to eleven state victories. He is one of the reasons that the commentators continue to lean towards my prediction of Thad Matta’s Buckeyes winning it all.

Today begins the Elite Eight and with my brackets busted, here are my revised prognostications.
Louisville over Duke
Ohio State over Wichita State
Florida over Michigan
Syracuse over Marquette
Ohio State over Louisville
Syracuse over Florida
BIG ONE – Ohio State over Syracuse

Interestingly, I am currently living in Shippensburg PA, the home of FGU’s coach Andy Enfield Needless to say, most people were rooting for them in this location, myself included. Most Buckeye fans have an aversion to Florida sports teams.etown_Florida_Gulf_Coast_Basketball.JPEG-00a13


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