The latest group to find itself in the cross-hairs of political correctness is the Boy Scouts of America. Political correctness so often carries an element of hypocrisy that reminds me of Jesus’ charge against the Pharisees, “You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” As one reader of the USA Today commented. “It is a private organization. They have a right to define their own membership.” Or as another commented weighed in, “They are a private group…. As is the NAACP and AARP. . but no one is talking about changing their requirements… As well they shouldn’t.”

I confess I agree with both of these gentlemen. Leadership of Boy Scouts of America have long positioned their organization in the camp known as “traditional family values.” They have long depended upon churches to house them and to support them, most of whom fall into that same traditional family values camp. They have long served children, even homosexuals, affirming their personhood, providing them love and grace while simply refusing to affirm homosexuality as a wholesome lifestyle.

No one likes to be told that what they have chosen for themselves is not a value that others find healthy or desirable.

But it is what it is.

Political correctness has become the new totalitarian ethic in our culture. Perhaps intended by some to do battle with the general intolerance and prejudice that exists in our society, it espouses its own form of intolerance shaped by the biases of an intellectual elite who always think they know better than the rest of their citizenry. It has come to disrespect any measure of right or wrong that does not support its agenda. And because so many in government and the media seem have made themselves the arbiter of right or wrong, political correctness has become as oppressive to individual human freedom as as any proponent of extreme sharia in the world beyond America. The very freedom of the individual to choose their own values that it purports to defend is eroded by its radical intensity. George Orwell could have been writing about modern day political correctness of the pages of 1984.

Let the Boy Scouts be who they believe they should be. A whole lot of little old ladies who need to cross the road would appreciate it.


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