Today is Inauguration Day and Barack Obama took the oath of office as President of the United States for the second time. That itself is historically significant. Mr. Obama is only the 17th President to be elected to a second term. ( In our most recent history Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have this distinction, as well.)

But more significant is this reality on the world stage. Transfers of power across this planet are increasingly not peaceful. They are not products of the will of the people but often carefully orchestrated charades manipulated by a few powerful people, often military people. In many nations, the losing side now lives under physical threat.

The inauguration of a president reminds us that DEMOCRACY works. You may not have voted for President Obama, you may continue to oppose his positions and policies but he is our President. Having been elected by the democratic process, he will have to govern by it.

And for all of its imperfections and frustrations, democracy continues to be the healthiest and freest form of governance on this

The inauguration of a President is a time for people of all political persuasions to celebrate.


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