These past six weeks I have done very little public blogging. It has been one of those seasons when life was captured by a different set of priorities–far more immediate and demanding than an intentional person like myself was particularly comfortable with. In mid July I completed nearly 11 years as the Lead Pastor of a wonderful congregation called the Church of God of Landisville. My wife Dianne and I had sensed that God wanted us to move on to some other form and area of ministry. I have been a local church pastor all but seven of the last 41 years, so I think we believed that we would still be pastoring but in a different context. I also do training in evangelism and consulting in church mission and leadership. It’s not at the level that I have tried to make a living off of it, but I have been somewhat busy in those venues of ministry. I also am a part-time instructor for a seminary and spent the time preparing and now teaching a class of 16 students – 11 in a classroom and 5 on-line from another part of Pennsylvania.

What really captured my time was the sale of my house. I knew that if I continued pastoring, ethically I needed to move out of the immediate area of my last parish and God confirmed that-allowing me to sell my home to a family in 28 days when they sold their 11 days later after only being on the market three.

So Dianne and I have spent mid-August until just six days ago–sorting, packing, downsizing, moving my office and several rooms of furniture and possessions into storage–while both of us working. Not much time left over.

I love blogging and see it, among other things as a ministry. So this is just to tell you–I’m back and will be picking up speed. Thank you for your patience during this hiatus and for not un-subscribing.


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