Young people like Ivory and Jeremy now begin focusing on the next round of their lives. When September arrives they will not return to the hallowed halls of HHS. Ivory is off to college. Jeremy is going to work to earn money for his next steps in education. The other kids are heading to summer jobs and already this weekend, a whole lot of them and their families headed to the beach. When school is finally out, kids get a respite from their studies and their teachers get a respite from the kids. I suspect the only people who don’t like that arrange are those seniors who are now entering the adult world whether they like it or not.

I was on the road this week. When I left home gas was running $3.37 per gallon. By the time I got to the western part of the state we were in $3.60 territory.  But this morning, back home, gas was down to $3.25. Gas prices are down.  Unfortunately until prices come down more significantly, the savings will barely pay for the coffee at the gas station. (By the way, coffee rose.)  Just a reminder to hold life loosely.

Tiger won the Memorial last week and tied Jack Nicklaus on the all-time wins list.  Very few people I know cheered for him, but I confess, I did.  As a pastor, I am in the redemption business, and when someone can start coming back from a failure or a sinful place in their past, I am thankful.  I still, however, would like to hear that Tiger had done some work on his moral failures, not simply his golf ones.

A new movie is out, based on a morosely popular book in an  even more morosely popular series. Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Slayer. You gotta be kidding?  Why do we have to abuse our 16th president?


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