The culture war ramped up again last week threatening to swallow up the debate that properly accompanies a presidential election in a free society. In North Carolina voters rejected same sex marriage, earning the ire of a large part of our prevailing culture. At the same time, Mr. Obama became the first sitting president in history to publicly support same sex marriage. I find myself in agreement with creator of this political cartoon published this week in USA Today.

As a pastor, I deal daily with the struggles that the average person and family wrestle with in 2012. There are few greater threats to the well-being of this nation and its citizens than the economy that continues to create one problem after another. From student loans, to volatile oil prices, to rising grocery costs, to the deterioration of support for mental health care, to the unresolved debates over health care, to an utter impossibility for most Americans to save, to the coming crash of social security; the failure of our political leadership to find a sane and fruitful path to economic health that will rob us of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as surely as an Islamic terrorist, or eroding morality, or laws that empower the worst of human philosophies.

Mr. President, Mr. Boehner, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Romney – will someone go to work to expeditiously and fairly bring economic healing to this nation. Stop distracting us with political stunts and sending us down energy-draining side paths that simply reinforce the symptoms instead of finding the cure. I would vote for a wild-eyed holy man from the far side of Mars for President if he would truly focus on the real issue and find real, viable answers.

Note: I am preparing a post on the same sex issue but am taking some more time to reflect. In the mean time I would invite to read this post from SHE WORSHIPS which I found very helpful in my own reflections as a Christian.

A little more Monday Morning Reflection that speaks for itself.


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