This post originally appeared in LIFE MATTERS Good Friday 2010

Reading: Mark 15:24

“and they crucified him …”

Four words that bring us to a stark Judean hilltop called Golgotha.
Four words that bear a finality to the events of a week we now call holy.
Four words that only begin to describe the pain and the agony that was his death.
Four words that stab at our hearts ripping away any delusion of our righteousness.
Four words that describe full measure of God’s love for a rebellious people.
Four words that haunt us with conviction whenever we belittle his amazing grace.
Four words …

“and they crucified him …”
Four words that change world history and our personal destiny.
Four words that build a bridge of reconciliation for people separated from God.
Four words that defy death to do its worst.
Four words that destroy the penalty or reigning sin.
Four words that cleanse the deepest sin in the darkest soul.
Four words that set the captive free.
Four words …

(C) 2010 by Stephen L Dunn


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