I am having a bout with pneumonia. As a result, I have been home a lot and last week probably watch at least fifty different sports cycles on ESPN.  Last week was filled with Manning’s journey to Denver, the on again-off trade of Tim Tebow to the Jets, the NCAAs as they began heading from the Sweet Sixteen to the Final Four, spring training news, and the bad news story of the New Orleans Saints and bounties.  As a result, a whole lot of my posts have been focusing on sports.  I know only a part of my subscribing readership (29 on Blogspot and 13 on WordPress (Both versions of the blog are visited 50-60 times a day not counting the Facebook views through Networked Blogs) are interested in sports, so I am starting something new.  I call it Tuesday Sports Desk. Tuesday is the day to hear my commentary on sports.  I will generally restrict my sports posts to that day, unless something in the world of sports has become major news in our culture.  Hope this gives you some more clarity on what to expect from this blog.

I suspect the biggest news of last week was Peyton Manning’s signing with the Denver Broncos and its ripples across the contract negotiations across the NFL. Once the face of the Indianapolis Colts (plus the Circle City’s most popular citizen), he has become Mile High Manning.  I continue to be impressed with Manning, who did not drag out negotiations, who signed a contract designed to actually protect the financial viability of the Broncos, and the positive way he handled his relationships with people like Tim Tebow.  Rumor was that the owner of the Titans was literally prepared to make him part own of the franchise, and to give him say so in the coaching staff, the draft, etc.  Fortunately, the self-effacing Manning just wanted to play football.

I am going to refrain from commenting further on Tim Tebow.  I have already surrendered a 50 year allegiance to the Cleveland Browns, who are now a case study of locker room and front office ineptitude. The Broncos have become my team, and I will root for the Detroit Lions; but all of that is now months away, which is fine. Opening Day for Major League Baseball is now eight days away. Now that’s America’s game – or at least this American’s.


Last weekend’s Sweet Sixteen contests were among some of the most exciting in years. One of my Final Four picks, Missouri, didn’t even get that far.  I had been rooting for Ohio and Indiana, even though Kentucky is my pick for the ultimate winner.  Aaron Craft continued to be a powerful on-court force for the Buckeyes.

My sentimental Final Four was Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas and Baylor with the Buckeyes winning.  My realistic Final Four was Kentucky, Ohio State, Missouri and North Carolina with Kentucky winning. Ironically, the Final Four I picked with my heart rather than my bracketology seems to be the more accurate. Kentucky, Ohio State, Louisville, Kansas.  Dare I hope now that the Buckeyes win?


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