Photo by Michelle Houts

Spring officially arrives Tuesday. In the Susquehanna Valley, spring has been around for almost two weeks. It is a wondrous blessing. Not only it saving my heating oil bill and giving more days to choose a tee time for golf, there is fragrance of early blossoming flowers and  the warm breezes that make those afternoon walks for my health more inviting.  I’ve already enjoyed cruising down the highway, windows rolled down, the Beach Boys erupting from my car speakers. Today I removed the snow shovel from the front porch and contemplated scheduling the first mowing of the season with Tim who cares for my lawn.  I am even contemplating scraping off the gas grill and cooking tonight’s supper outdoors. Only the powerful draw of the John Carter movie kept me indoors on perhaps the best Sunday to date in 2012.

The first days of spring coincide with the middle rounds of March Madness.  (So far only Missouri of my projected Final Four has been eliminated.)  It is the beginning of the advertising for my favorite golf tournament, The Masters.  Fantasy baseball is in its final preseason trading and real baseball is less than two weeks away.

I love the spring.  Next to fall it is my favorite season.  I am savoring it, and even the April 17th tax deadline is not dappening it.

But the best part of spring for me is that always accompanies Easter. Easter is the undeniable and outrageously joyous lesson that Christ is Risen and because He is risen, we are risen.

Spring is about to spring and i am LOVING it.


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