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I recently spent a five week sabbatical at my professional graduate school, Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Located in Findlay OH, it is the theological education institution of the Churches of God General Conference.  It was a delightful time and I have a post in the works about my sabbatical experience.  The downside is that it is located in Ohio and Ohio is one of the Super Tuesday States.

I continue to be one of those persons who is totally weary of the political primary process in the US that more resembles a WWF Grudge Match than an honorable and meaningful exercise in responsible democracy. The Republican version, I believe, will only be successful in giving voters reason to re-elect Barak Obama or in simply expanding the disturbing trend in the American culture of despising our leaders rather than working with them for the common good.

America faces some serious challenges and none is more serious than an economy that continues to struggle and spiraling consumer costs that move more people into functional poverty, that make the genuinely poor poorer, and creates more hurdles for the common man to restore fiscal order to his house.  I continue to look for bipartisan and realistic solutions from our political leadership that will preserve the common good, than the greedy and character-assassinating maneuvering that keeps us from pulling together to smoother waters.

An already troubled sport like football, which seeks to claim the title of America’s Game, has once again been sullied by the bounties organized by Coach Gregg Williams and his compatriots.  The latest victim of this were the heroic New Orleans Saints, who many rooted for because of the rebuilding of that proud old city following Katrina and the gritty philanthropy of Drew Brees,  Maybe we need less ridicule of the values of Tim Tebow and more attention to the character of those who define the sport’s values on the playing field.


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