I really think the top two teams in the US are actually playing for the BCS Championship (I am picking LSU), but once again we are frustrated by a system that is more about filling bowl games with revenue enhancing match-ups.  than having a true playoff. There is still no true College Football Playoff among football powerhouses and so computers and opinion polls will continue to determine the winners instead of letting it be settled on the playing field between athletes striving to achieve.  The Final Four in NCAA basketball still produces a clearer champion, and that’s why many of us will choose basketball over football. (I am looking forward to seeing Syracuse and Ohio State settle the question in March). Isn’t there just a part of you that would have liked seeing a game between a surging Boise State and an Alabama that kept bouncing back?  Wouldn’t that have been more exciting than a pairing that could have been predicted in August?

A scandal-ridden 2011 is going to leak over into 2012.  Ohio State got what it justly deserved for the infractions of its players, but we haven’t heard the end of what is happening in places like Penn State and Syracuse. At least the Buckeyes have Urban Meyer to help rebuild.

One of the most exciting baseball seasons in decades came to a conclusion in October as the Cardinals won the World Series.  And my favorite Justin Verlander pulled off the incredible feat of winning both the AL Cy Young and Most Valuable Player honors.  But at this point Peyton Manning’s future is uncertain and Drew Brees claimed a place in the history books as he broke Dan Marino’s single season passing record.  Tim Tebow and the Broncos probably won’t make the AFC Championship, but the Green Bay Packers could very likely make it two Super Bowls in a row.  (Vince Lombardi must be smiling from ear to ear as he trades football predictions with St. Peter).  Tebow, did, however, provide us a memorable football season and earned the Broncos some new fans; but I suspect his detractors will still be saying “He’s not really a good quarterback.”)  And to that I want to say, “Get a life!”

We know that Albert Pujols and the Cardinals have parted ways, but Jimmy Rollins is still a Philadelphia Phillie. I am hoping that in 2012 the Tigers will get Verlander some dependable pitching help and finally get back to the World Series.

The NBA made a “comeback” coming back from its lock-out in time for Christmas Day.  But I loved seeing Chris Paul and the Clippers steal the Lakers Los Angeles thunder.  And speaking of the Thunder, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City brand may get me watching pro basketball … finally.

I would have liked to have talked about golf,  but 2011 has left me with no real memories. Did I mention Nascar or the NHL?  No, I didn’t … on purpose. 

And finally, I’m glad the immaturely behaving Detroit Lions finally grew up in time to make the playoffs, They probably won’t get past Green Bay, but it’s been nice seeing them as winners again.


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