For much of my adult life I have been a reader and fan of Peanuts and its creator, Charles Schulz.  Part of the attraction to me has been its subtle and sometimes not so subtle theological reflection.  Above and below are are just a few of my favorite panels:


Many of us are familiar with his most circulated theological statement known as A Charlie Brown Christmas.  This animated special has been a part of the CBS Christmas line-up for more than a decade.
I don’t watch it every year, but still delight each time I encounter it. In 2010, when CBS decided to drop it, ABC picked it up through 2015.

Recently I read how A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn’t make it.Charles Schulz wanted to use the King James Version of the Christmas story in the cartoon and some television execs thought that would be inappropriate and offensive and wanted to hold off airing the special. Schulz stood his ground.  Read the story itself. national

  1. Tammie said:

    Every year, I’m surprised that Linus’ speech is still in the special. What’s more surprising is the number of people who are seemingly indifferent to Christ who love the special and defend it being shown on TV. Maybe God is speaking through a cartoon character?

  2. Without being facetious, He speaks through the foolishness of my preaching and I know through the sometimes pretension posts of this blog. A cartoon character is nor a unlikely messenger of His Good News! Merry Christmas!

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