Forgot to post Monday. Sorry, – Steve

Joaquin Benoit, Alex Avila

I guess it just wasn’t to be.  The Tigers, who had the best record in baseball the final six weeks, who buried their AL Central Division foes, who juggled numerous injuries to create more different starting line-ups than any time in a decade, finally fell … to the Texas Rangers.  To be exact the Tiger hurlers were blasted into oblivion by the Ranger sluggers.  It didn’t matter that the Tigers had four men who spent most of the season batting above .300, the Ranger hitters literally “ran way” with the pennant, by timely base-stealing and aggressively smart base-running.  Nonetheless, thank you Detroit Tigers.  You gave this fan much joy – especially when you didn’t choke in September and you embarrassed the Yankees in October.  It would have been nice to have a rematch against the Cardinals, but that will be Texas’ honor.  Go Rangers!

On a matrimonially significant note, my baseball season is over and Dianne is back to have my generally undivided attention in the evening.

Theo Epstein, the newest Cubbie

The Chicago Cubs, who have lived more than 100 years under a curse (if you believe in that sort of thing) traded some minor leaguers and cash for a GM who has destroyed another curse.  Theo Epstein of the Boston Red Sox is headed for the Windy City.  (I didn’t even know you could trade General Managers). Pundits are praising Epstein for the genius of Red Sox baseball.  They forget that Red Sox baseball was pioneered by Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics.  Beane, according to the movie Money Ball which I thoroughly enjoyed, turned down 12.5 million dollars from John Lewis to stay the GM at Oakland, thereby opening the door for Theo to make his name on the job.

Blackberry had a meltdown last week.  Now we learn that the government is going to require cell phone providers to warn their customers when they are in danger of exceeding their contracted limits. (Up until now additional charges were frustratingly routine.) Many of my neighbors find that they are regularly without internet because of the ways they have bundled their services, sometimes when they need accessibility the most.  My bank requires two passwords, two security questions, and an image recognition in order to access my account but still sends me alerts when people are using some new spyware, etc. to try invading my very meager bankroll.  It is a reminder that technology is not the answer to everything and sometimes carries unwanted prices for its benefits.  Still nothing can take the place of God who loves us unconditionally and is at work to do go in all things for those who love Him are living by His purposes. (Romans 8:28)

Time was on the minds of many of the patrons of my favorite eating establishment, the Silver Spring Family Restaurant.  To be specific, “Daylight Savings Time.”  Doesn’t it end October 31st?  No, not sense the Bush Administration chose to tinker with it in the name of greater productivity.  (Now it’s sometime in November, or is it after Thanksgiving?)  Oh, and the other question? Forward or backward. Gain an honor or lose one.  Remember, “Spring forward, fall back” unless the Obama Administration decided to tinker with DST as well


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