Last night will be one that goes down in baseball history. Tim Kirchener of ESPN noted that there has never been an evening of regular season play that had as much at stake and came don as close to the wire. The Red Sox and Braves completed a collapse, breaking the hearts of their fans. The Tampa Bay Rays had the latest in a series of Cinderella endings. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team. My Tigers, while winning, came within a game of being the no. 2 seed (thereby facing the Rays). I am perfectly happy for them the face the Yankees (especially what I have seen of Yankee pitching) although I would have liked Verlander pitching at home for the opener. The Tigers have a power lineup and power bench capable of matching the Yankees offensively (if the power shows up).

Jim Leyland has clearly earned the right to be included in the list of Major League Baseball’s Great Managers. Last night, however, reminded me of another Tiger Manager Sparky Anderson. Thought you might like this clip this morning. It comes from Game 5 in 1984 when the Tigers last won the World Series as they faced pitching ace Goose Gossage. (Goose lost this one). Perhaps you remember Kirk Gibson’s historic home run. CLICK LINK FOR VIDEO

RIP Sparky Gibby vs Goose Game 5 1984


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