The last two weeks have seen some of the most violent and destructive spring weather in American history.  Huge tornadoes have taken more than 200 lives, portions of several towns in the South and the Midwest have been utterly destroyed.  It is a tragedy because of its randomness and suddenness equally life altering as tsunamis and earthquakes.  The people of Alabama and the Carolinas need the same compassion and help from their neighbors as others.  I hope that the bright spring sunshine and a news cycle doesn’t cause us to forget neighbors in need for whom this spring has not been welcome.

The Major League baseball season has begun and is it full of surprises!  The Cleveland Indians at 19-8 have the best record in baseball.  They are followed closely by the Kansas City Royals.  Perennial powerhouses like the Red Sox and Twins are wallowing near the bottom of their divisions.  Roy Halladay continues his mastery of National League hitters and Evan Longoria and Josh Hamilton are already on the disabled list.  Looks grim for the Texas Rangers getting back to the Series.  I love baseball, and although my Tigers are trying to demonstrate a new level of pitching staff insanity; I love seeing  teams like the Indians and Royals start to emerge (and the Royals gave up their ace,  Zack Grienke in a trade and he’s already on the disabled list).

You have to be almost from another universe not to be aware that Andrew and Kate were united in marriage Friday morning in London.  Countless people I know  reported on Facebook, in conversations over coffee at local breakfast spots, even at a retreat I was at Friday night in the mountains reported that they had “been to London” for the royal wedding.  I did not make the trip.  In fact, I confess that I do not really connect with the fascination with the event.  Is it just one further expression of our obsession with celebrities?  Is it an escape into a fairy tale world from daily drudgery?  Is it part of the American fascination for “The Big Event?”  In any case, back to Monday morning.

Donald Trump for President?  Please spare us four years of political arrogance and a sixties hair-do !!!!
Next thing you know Obama will bump what’s his name for Oprah (or maybe Oprah will bump Obama).
It’s enough to make me vote for Sarah Palin….and that would take a lot.


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