On April 15, 2009 I posted “Fantasy Baseball” on LIFE MATTERS. It has been one of the most viewed of any. In the spirit of the opening  of the MLB Fantasy Baseball season, I am re-posting it.

I love the game of baseball. I revel in its lengthy season. I delight in its strategies and its statistics. I learn the names of players. I even remember who among my friends roots for what team. I gladly go to a baseball game–whether it is our minor league Lancaster Barnstormers or the Philapdelphia Phillies, my close at hand major league favorite. I will travel to an ENEMY ballpark to see my beloved Detroit Tigers. 

This year I took the plunge and began playing MLB Fantasy Baseball. I am the manager of the Landisville Sluggers–undefeated and in a tie for 1st in the East. Fantasy baseball is all about statistics. The only strategy here is reading the trends and developments and posting a line-up with the potential to generate the highest stats over a seven day period. This is the sporting world’s equivalent of playing the stock market except your portfolio is totally imaginary. An interesting side effect is you begin to root for more than one team, so its players on your roster can gain the success you need to succeed. This is the sporting world’s equivalent of globalization. Interdependence is the key to success in fantasy baseball.

Attention to detail, being aware of what’s going on now in the world (in this case the sporting world), embracing interdependence, taking joy in the process – these are values that have great signifiance as they become our personal modus operandi (mode of operation to those of you with no Latin). Maybe we all can learn a little something from fantasy baseball.


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