Karen Spears Zacharias pointed me to a new blog and these profound words:

“Poor communication doesn’t disconnect souls. It’s the disconnected souls who poorly communicate.” – Ann Voskamp, A HOLY EXPERIENCE

As a pastor, I deal frequently with the effects of poor communication.  Lives broken because someone was not careful in their communication, embedding lies into someone’s heart through de-humanizing or manipulative communication.  Relationships gone sour because someone did not understand that listening is part of communicating. Dreams unrealized because of a fear of expressing one’s heart or dreams shattered because someone crushed the vulnerability of the dreamer beneath words spouting from a critical spirit. “Speaking the truth in love,” is the counsel of the Bible but a soul disconnected from the Source of that Love will never truly communicate truth.

Not only is communication a lost art for many, but the commitment to communicate in civil and constructive ways has become a forgotten value in our culture.  Such a development is a measure of the poverty of our souls.


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