Yesterday I read an interesting comment on the ON FAITH blog published by The Washington Post. Elizabteth Tennety reported that a recent poll had revealed that for 66% of Americans, their New Year’s Eve celebration would include prayer. So she asked that people comment with essentially their prayer list for the occasion. (The comments were not memorable and for some the post provided an occasion to launch another diatribe against the foolishness of adding a religious activity to a secular celebration.)

Here’s what I am praying for as 2011 begins:

1. For Christ to be shown through my life – that my words and deeds, attitudes and acceptance, help people fall in love with Jesus.

2. That no negative spirit find any encouragement from my words and that no negative spirit find any receptivity in own inner spirit.

3. That each day God will show me how to be the blessing He has blessed me to be … and that being that blessing will be my daily plan.

4. That the peace the world needs will begin in me.

5.  That maintaining a maturing, fruit-bearing relationship with Jesus Christ will be my highest priority.


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