Karen Spears Zacharias is a writer whose thoughts I have come to deeply appreciate. Elizabeth Edwards died last week and many of us thought of blogging about her. Karen chose a different route called “Gossip-The Opiate of the Oppressed,” talking about what Mrs. Edwards’ experience teaches about ourselves. In it Karen writes:


“I no longer believe in the First Amendment, not as it is practiced and protected in this country, at any rate. I don’t believe Freedom of Speech is an inalienable human right any more than I believe that all men are created equal. A person must first redefine equal as something other than having the same value as another because this country has an ugly history to the contrary … The death of Elizabeth Edwards has exemplified for me much of what has gone wrong with us. Nearly all the news reports of her death and funeral have mentioned the infidelity of her estranged husband John Edwards. Most spelled out the name of the other woman.


And I have sat on the other side of the keyboard wondering how do I write what I’m thinking without doing the very thing that has angered me? How do I say that I think that this practice is wrong on so many levels without myself mentioning the infidelity and the other woman? So accept that I understand the double-standard, the hypocrisy if you will, but there is simply no other way to explain what I’m thinking.


Why does a spouse’s infidelity warrant mention in the death reports of any of us? Why is that news? Why is that protected under the First Amendment? Why should that be the legacy that is put into print and passed along to generations to follow? For the grandchildren not yet born? Read More


Christmas is now just four days away. Many of us will find a Christmas Eve Service to mark the occasion, even if we are not particularly Christian or even religious. There is something about Christmas carols, angelic faces on children, and the pronouncement from the angel “Fear not!” against the backdrop of a manger scene and candlelight that warms the heart and allows from even a minute to pray for “peace on earth and good will towards men.”

But that is mere sentimentality if we are not prepared to allow the Prince of Peace to have rule over our lives.  For the peace that Baby will bring is more than an annual truce in Bethlehem or an absence of conflict. That peace comes when first we make peace with God. When we stop warring with Him over our soul and allow Him to take control of our lives.  Only then will we be transformed into people of peace. There will be no peace on earth until men make their peace with God.


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