November 15th is when Major League Baseball will announce the choices for Rookie of the Year. Just thought I’d throw my two cents in now. (Hopefully I” do better than my playoff predictions.)

Austin Jackson, Detroit Tigers

Although he did not propel his team into the playoffs. Austin Jackson of the Detroit Tigers. He was one of the league batting leaders all season, batting over .300.  His stellar defense made most Tigers fans forget Curtis Granderson and most Yankee fans wishing they had kept Jackson.  When repeated injuries wiped out the Tigers’ chances, Jackson kept them from descending below .500 and helped them beat the Twins and White Sox several times down the stretch.

Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants

My choice for NL Rookie has go to be Buster Posey of the World Champion San Francisco Giants. His skills as the field general in managing pitchers was truly awesome his bat reminded me of awesome catchers like Joe Mauer.  The Giants might not have made it down the stretch without Posey. He was every bit a key as their miniscule ERA pitching staff.

Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers

Although the Texas Rangers came up short in the series, they overpowered the Rays and Yankees. Josh Hamilton was again the force that kept their pennant hopes alive throughout the year, and his rapid return from a September injury ignited the team’s energy and determination.  Now if the bullpen could have held on, it might have even been a different story.  (Speaking of stories, Josh Hamilton is another one of those baseball players who learned character lessons the hard way.  His book Beyond Belief was one of my best summer reads.)

Joey Votto WAS the reason the Cincinnati Reds pulled away from the Cardinals and never looked back. They unfortunately had to face the Phillies at a time when everything came together – but his bat and his glove made him truly an MVP for the National League.

Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds

For Cy Young, my money (if I was a betting man) is on Roy Halladay of the Phillies (I mean, two no hitters) and Cliff Lee of the Rangers. I know Lee wasn’t invincible in the Series, but the fact that the Yankees are already angling to sign him for 2011 should proof enough that he was the AL’s cream of the crop.


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