This post is from an interesting Christian blog that I follow called THE LID. The blog is subtitled COLLABORATION FOR CHANGE. The author speaks of a major study that many of have read about the faith of American young people. Read these comments and then check out Christian Smith’s compelling book.

More and more teenagers I encounter, have conversations with, or get to know seem to misunderstand the Biblical clarity and cost that following Jesus involves. Christian Smith in his book Soul Searching would call it Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. I think that word makes my head hurt, so I have chosen to call it the Mr. Potato Head faith. You know, taking the parts you do like, but taking away the parts you don’t. So in essence we create our Christian potato to fit our needs, our wants, and our comfort. We want the Savior part, but we don’t want to sacrifice the things that would make Him Lord of our life. We want a get out of hell free card, but we don’t want to stay away from living that way. We want blessing and rewards without the obedience it requires. We neglect the hard truths Scripture pours out page after page, and cling to the promises of grace, mercy, abounding love. and a full life. What about repentance, confession, disciplines, reading the Word, denying the flesh, beating our body to make it our slave-not the other way around. What about the truths in Scripture, don’t you think they should belong on your Mr. Potato Head as well. Shouldn’t God’s word decide what pieces of our faith we choose to place on our Potato Head rather than ourselves? Oh how I pray for a generation to move towards a Biblical faith rather than a Mr. Potato Head faith.”

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