Monday Morning Reflections has become one of the most read posts on this blog. Normally it is a combination of personal reflections on current events, sports, trends and some thoughts on what matters in my life as a Christian living in the 21st century. Normally it appears on Mondays. Unfortunately Monday got lost when I lost my way on Sunday trying to make up for lost sleep last week. Although I am writing this post on Monday evening, it will probably be Tuesday before you read it.

…Not that it matters. Life matters more than time schedules and sometimes we have been known to suck all the joy out of living by being a slave to a deadline.  Many decades ago a remote tribe in the Philippines was told that some Americans were nearby. One wise man responded, “Oh yes, Americans. People with God on their wrists.”  Time is never as important as what you do with the time and lost time may be just that – lost. Instead of getting lost in lamenting, just move forward and make the best of the time you now have.

Part of my lost time has had to do with lost sleep.  Because of some funny things going on inside me that the doctors are still trying to understand, I have rarely slept more than 5-6 hours without being awake for a whole day.  Three times in the last two weeks I have slept 1-2 hours and then been awake for the next 18.  That has meant that my body, my brain, and a whole lot else has suffered from sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation rearranges everything. I am normally a hyper-productive person–doing more in an hour than many people do in five.  Lately it has taken me three hours to accomplish what would have only required one. And the end product hasn’t always been of the best quality. For someone committed to excellence in all I do, that tears at the fabric of your self-esteem as well.  Early last week I was meeting with a staff member at the church. About 25 minutes into the session she said, “Pastor, you need to go home and get some sleep.”  “No,” I protested, “I’m okay.”  “Pastor, you just fell asleep while you were talking.” It was time to go home and sleep.

I have been awake enough to watch some baseball. The regular season is almost over (less than 16 games).  My beloved Tigers have been eliminated; but not before they swept the White Sox. Since a boy, I have also rooted for the Cincinnati Reds, who have lost quite a few games lately but the the Cardinals have lost more, so they cling to a lead.  All three National League races are still close, but Philadelphia can pretty much settle it by how they play the Braves this week. Here’s my prediction.  In the AL it will be the Twins, Rangers, Yankees, and Rays. Everyone else is out of it.  I am rooting for Tampa Bay to win the East, but I suspect they will have to settle for the wild card.  In the NL it will be the Phillies, Red, Giants and Rockies. At this point it the Phils and Red should win their divisions. The Giants and the Rockies will be like the Yankees and Rays. I’m rooting for the Giants.


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