One of our church members at Landisville and a young woman I deeply respect, Lynn Byers, is on a short(er) term mission assignment in Haiti.  Her second trip in a year.  Her blog is worth reading and I encourage you to subscribe. LYNN’S BLOG

Here is one of her posts to give you a flavor of her life there and the ministry opportunities.

9/13/10 (2141)

What a delight to be alive another day! I have been so spoiled here- salmon for breakfast & steak for dinner. The food really is good. Haitians know how to season well. And they have a laundry service here. This is crazy- I don’t have to cook or do my laundry for 6 months. I’m not going to know what to do with myself when I get back.
We had our first clinic today in the mountain. I’ve been pondering how some of the most beautiful places in the world has the most poverty-striken people. but I also wondered how beautiful it would look if they lived like us in America. I dunno, just a thought.
The clinic was in Grande Connova (not sure how to spell it) in a church that also serves as a school (as most churches do in Haiti I was told). School starts back up October 4th. We saw 72 patients in 5 hours with only one doctor! There were 2 nurses doing triage (vital signs, patient’s reason for visit), one doctor to asses & diagnose, and 2 nurses to be the pharmacy & discharge instructions. The Haitian doctor was moving faster than me lol! He is an OB/GYN MD that just finished residency but he is good! Not arrogant though but caring. He told us about his 4-story house collapsing in the earthquake and that he made it out a second before it collapsed. He said he knows that is a miracle and God has a purpose for him- God sure does! Haitian doctors & nurses are needed greatly!
We each had a translator. My translator’s name is Charles. He lived in America for awhile so his English and creole was great. He has been working in the pharmacy for months so he was good. Able to teach me how to do things and translate. He me some phrases too. I just have to learn by repetition. “Bondye Beniw” (God Bless You)- I really have a hard time with this one!
The children were fun to be around during our break. They were teaching us creole & we were teaching them english words by pointing out objects. I love their smiles and enthusiasm to help me learn creole. Someone said they would be the best teachers because they will practice it over and over without getting sick of it.
In the clinic, we saw lots of infections (stomach worms, malaria, scabies, H. Pyloi, and fungal infections); a girl with asthma; lots of high blood pressure; fevers, pain, & coughs. It was interesting! The people are very patient- some waited 5 hours to be seen. There was a 2-year old with Left side flaccid. He had it for 1 year after an infection, but he was never taken to the doctor. His parents died in the earthquake, so now his grandma takes care of him. They were not sure if he had polio or a stroke, so we drove him to handicap international. The doctor there thought he had a cerebral hemiplasia and that with physical therapy, his left arm & legs could return to normal function. Keep him in your prayers!
I’m so thankful that God provided me calmness and willingness to learn today. May we bring people to Christ though our medical care. There was a Pastor there to pray with each patient before they left.
Side note, it is so amazing to shower in a stall without a roof to gaze into the sky. Our compound is a hotel ground that collapsed in the earthquake, so SP (Samaritan’s Purse) is leasing it. It is right along the ocean. So wonderful to see the ocean & mountains together.


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