Note from Steve: Once again forgot to post this on Monday. Sorry.

Last week I published a post called Dishonoring 9-11, focusing on the fundamentalist pastor who was going to burn a copy of the Qu’ran on September 11th as a protest against Islamic extremism.  One of my readers sent me a tweet from Ed Stetzer, who said, “I am glad a live in a country where I can burn a copy of the Qu’ran but wish we had the discernment not to do so.” Kudos to Stetzer on this reminder of the responsibility of our Freedom of Speech.

The college football season began last week.  My beloved Buckeyes, led by Heisman Trophy hopeful Terrell

Heisman Trophy hopeful Kellen Moore

Pryor defeated Marshall. And Rich Rodriguez finally managed an opening game win for Michigan against U Conn.
But the game that captured our imagination was no. 3 Boise State against no. 10 Virginia Tech.  Boise State has its own legitimate Heisman candidate in Kellen Moore, whose touchdown pass at the 1:14 mark to Austin Pettis cemented a final victory for the Bisons, 33-30. I almost said Blue Bisons because who can ever forget the sight of their blue and white uniforms on the blue astroturf of their human stadium back in Idaho.  When that stadium first began appearing on television screens, many a person associated the Bisons more with the Smurfs than major power football. But last week’s convincing victory against a tough, tough Virgina Tech squad has made their no.3 pre-season ranking seem quite legitimate. I’m hoping Coach Tressel and his boys don’t have to face them for the BCS Championship. It would be a tough contest and at this point in the season, not an assured outcome for either side.

Baseball’s pennant races are nearing their conclusion as most teams now have less than 20 games to play.
At this point it looks like the Reds in the NL Central (as long as they don’t have to play Colorado again). The other NL races still seem too close to call. My predictions at this point are the Braves, Phils, and Giants. In the American League I think Texas is locking down the West and the Twins the Central (thanks in part to the Tigers taking down the White Sox … finally).  The Yankees and Rays should have the remaining two spots.

Michael and Kelly

Labor Day Weekend I had the privilege of uniting Kelly Kayser-Kellen and John Michael Gomes in marriage.
Kelly is my cousin and a school teacher in Garrett, Indiana. Michael is a truck driver from Ft Wayne and a member of a motorcycle club of people who used to be drug-users and foes by the name Friar Tuck. I would encourage you to read my post on their marriage on my blog THRIVING IN CHRIST Two more “in love” and beloved people you will not meet. Two more caring people who care for all kinds of people you will probably not meet either.  I love weddings when they involve making a new family out of two people who really understand what it means to love God and love each other.

Riding off as husband and wife

School is back in session for most kids in America. In fact, this is probably the first full week. My wife is a substitute school teacher and has already been called to cover a vacancy yet to be filled in a classroom.


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