Ten years old. Ten years old. Ten years old.

With all due respect to the other finalists, particularly the singers in the Ten Finalists … not one of them sounded as good as Jackie Evancho when they were ten years old. They still don’t. The prize in America’s Got Talent is a million dollars and a Las Vegas Show. A lot is made of the latter fact by those who don’t believe she is far and away the only Superstar of the bunch.

Bunk. I’d pay to go see her in Las Vegas in a heartbeat and any show she”s in would be awesome. I will buy her album when it comes out very soon.

The Final Four – (clockwise from the upper left) Jackie, Prince Poppycock, Michael, Fighting Gravity

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  1. J L Dyer said:

    Many people do not understand the Las Vegas part of the prize. You should emphasize that the winner will headline one and only one show in Las Vegas as part of the AGT tour, which will appear in many other cities across the US.

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