Somehow I forgot to post this on Monday. Sorry – Steve

Monday morning is nearing and I find reflecting is difficult.  A busy, intense week–lots of writing, reading, praying (not necessarily in that order) and I find my brain a bit depleted. It leaves me thoughtless in Landisville. To cover this deficiency I am going to share thoughts from my friend and church members, many of who have posted these thoughts on Facebook.

Doug Riley, a good friend and great musicians “wonders if being a running back for the Philadelphia Eagles automatically registers you for unemployment.”

Andrew Kuhn, a high school senior and a member of the CORE student leadership team of our BURN student ministry at my church commented: “What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.”
How about this thought posted by Jonathan Bowers, a nearby youth pastor, quoting T.R. Philip: “Loss of cultural respectability and popularity should not be the concern of the church that ought to be more worried about losing its soul than about gaining the whole world. “

How about this one by Brook Sarver, a missionary friend working in Thailand. I may try this in the US at Landisville. “I declared today to be “Take your Coffee to Church” Day. My travel mug is very proud…”

Nick Francis, chief spiritual architect at Mosaic Lancaster, who shares my 10:45 pulpit next week.“Your dreams lack the power to change the world, but your willingness to live out those dreams certainly does!”

Joe Sheedy is a pastor I recently met from Frederick MD. Talking about an experience he had with his young boys: “Got absolutely crushed on the bike today by Mike and Justin. I’m old and am not gonna catch them. Hard truth for me to swallow. Pretty sure that they were at least 3.5 miles ahead after 35 miles. I need Popeye’s spinach!”

And then there’s the image that adorned our kitchen wall for many a year when my kids were young.

That’s probably enough reflecting for a Monday.  Feel free to comment. – Steve

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