Sunday afternoon is part of the Christian Sabbath. It’s time to let go, lighten up, and to have a little fun if for no other reason than it adds a little joy to your tank before you hit Monday traffic and work schedules. Never mow the lawn on Sunday afternoon or pay the bills. Take a nap, read the funnies, make a few funny faces, take a walk in the woods with your best friend. Discover the you beneath all the busyness. Watch a Phillies game or go fishing if that’s fun for you. Just leave your cell phone at home. Turn off your cell phone and read a good book.

I recommend it highly. For the next few Sundays (if it doesn’t become too much like work), I will blog of LIFE MATTERS with stories, comments, photos, cartoons aimed at letting you make some funny faces in your inmost being.  Or some Sundays I may have to skip a week so I can just have some fun.

For all of you who went to church this morning to start your sabbath, “What does it mean when your pastor takes off his watch and lays it on the pulpit in front of him?”

Absolutely nothing. Baseball is a funny game. Those ESPN highlights show some spectacular plays, but they rarely show you the crazy stuff.


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