The 2010 MLB Allstar Game gets under way in approximately 72 hours and I, for one, am looking forward to it with eager and almost boyish expectation.  The American League’s finest and the National League’s finest will take the field at Angels Stadium in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 13, 2010.  Besides pride, home field advantage for the World Series is at stake.  The AL will be led by youth and intense Yankee manager, Joe Girardi.  The Nationals will be led by the affable and grizzled skipper of the Phillies, Charlie Manuel.  This will be Girardi’s first time to manage an Allstar Game, Manuel’s second.  The AL has won seven straight Midsummer Classics — the third-longest streak in All-Star Game history — and has not lost in the past 13, the 2002 game ending in a 7-7 tie. The NL hasn’t won since 1996 — the longest dry spell of either league since the game’s inception in 1933.

The starters for the American League will be: C-Joe Maurer Minnesota Twins 1b-Justin Morneau Twins 2b-Robinson Cano New York Yankees ss-Derek Jeter Yankees 3b-Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays of-Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers Carl Crawford Rays dh-Vlad Guerrero Rangers.

The NL will feature  c- YadierMolina St Louis Cardinals 1b-Albert Pujols Cardinals 2b-Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies ss-Hanley Ramirez Florida Marlins of-David Wright New York Mets Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers Andre Ethier Los Angeles Dogers dh-Jeff Hayward Atlanta Braves.

Only Miguel Cabrera and Jose Valverde of my beloved Detroit Tigers made the 2010 squad for the American League.

The stage is now set for the Midsummer Classic.  My prediction comes tomorrow when the pitching staffs are announced, because I believe this year’s contest will be decided by the pitchers.  Ready for the Allstar Game.

I’m loving it!


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