It’s the first Monday of the summer and still almost 80 at eight o’clock. It reached somewhere in the mid 90’s today and the humidity was high, as well. My house has no air conditioning. The condenser has died and we will wait two weeks until they can put in the new A/C (if I can drum up the $3000 bucks in the meantime). If this isn’t bad enough, there is no A/C in my office at the church. My administrative assistant and I both have ancient wall units. Hers is dead and mine died last night as it attempted to cool both rooms. The small fan we had basically moved sweaty air. The fans at home are doing a little better, but it’s pretty awkward lugging them from room to room.

To be honest I prefer cold weather to hot. I can always put on more clothes and crawl under a blanket. I can only strip so far in the heat before I invite the attention of the authorities and the condemnation of my church’s elders.

I’ve used the heat as a sermon illustration. “Where some of you are going is a lot hotter than it is here.” I tried laying hands on the offending refrigeration equipment, saying in “Beeeeyahhh heeeaaalled” in my best Oral Roberts imitation. Oral has nothing to worry about. (Oopss, I forgot. He’s gone home to be with the Lord. I guess he really has nothing to worry about.)

Tomorrow Dianne and I board a large, luxury bus for a 14-15 hour drive to a place perhaps hotter than Landisville – Decatur IL. As much as I hate traveling that far by bus, I am looking forward to all those hours of unrelenting A/C. Unless, of course …. NO! I won’t even think about it!

I could soothe my suffering by thinking of people less fortunate than I. I could, but when you’re hotter than you know what, you rarely feel magnanimous.

So pray for my soul. And pray for the A/C. We both need it!


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