Watching Armando Galaragga today operating with humility and grace made many of us say, “He has a lot class.” He will probably be remembered more because of how he handled an obvious injustice instead of 88 pitches with no hits. Jay Mariotti has a great analysis of this on his blog.

The Governor of Michigan declared it a no-hitter. The Governor of Baseball (Commissioner Bud Selig) first says no, then equivocates implying he’s sending it to a committee. The Tigers give he a Corvette. But a whole lot of us give Armando Galaragga respect. In a world of pampered celebrities, prima donna athletes, and flip-flopping politicians, Armando is a fresh breeze of decency and integrity. He’s still human. He’s going to have days we aren’t as admiring – but today you must say, “he has a lot of class.”

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