Mandy’s New Bike by Brandon Davis

The other night my friends and I were having a great time at a little place called Hildy’s. After a couple of hours,as we were saying our goodbyes, we went outside to make our way home. While we were all unlocking our bikes (we all ride bikes as a form of transportation) one of the girls noticed that her bike was no longer locked to the sign where she had left it. Her chain had been clipped and it had been stolen. She immediately broke down, sat on the sidewalk and cried. As we were walking her home, she would just stop now and again to continue crying.

This bike means so much to her! Mandy sold her moped and her electric organ in order to buy all the parts she needed to build this bike and after 2 years, $500 dollars and much effort invested, her goals were realized.

Mandy works at Prince Street Cafe and closes most nights. She’s been walking home between 12 and 2 am on King Street (where she lives by herself). This is not an ideal scenario for anyone alone, especially a 22 year old female.

My heart is so broken for Mandy’s needs! Perhaps it’s not much for some, but for her, this bike was important. I had this weird feeling of joy knowing that this was such a good opportunity for us as followers of Christ to join together and meet this need.

Mandy and her friends have been repeatedly wounded by the “church” and “christians” and they carry a lot of baggage with the idea of being a christian. This is a great opportunity for us as a community to communicate a different message. Perhaps to look at it from a different perspective is to say this could start a healing process for what the church has miscommunicated to her and her friends in the past.

I think its safe to say that opportunities to meet needs are all around us. When we forsake to meet the needs of others we are actually forsaking God.

Mosaic Lancaster is the name of a new church being started by Nick Francis Stephens as part of 2020 Church Planting of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God. Nick will be with us at LCOG May 23rd to share in a sermon-in-dialogue about reaching the unchurched of emerging generations. This story from their web site tells you a bit about the heart of this new faith community. For more stories and a chance to help with Mandy’s new bike, click on this link. – Steve



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