Today is Mother’s Day. It is a day of honor and affection for some. A time to remind Mom of how special she is–a reminder that comes from toddlers and adult children who have not been toddlers in a very long time. In fact, their toddlers may themselves now be teenagers. In churches children will line up to sing for their mothers and at Sunday brunches, their eldest child will present a toast. Few kids will be so busy that they won’t at least reach and touch Mother with a phone call – or in this day and age Skype her.

And that’s really how it should be. In most families mother is the personification of love–the chief model of grace and forgiveness, compassion and encouragement. Few people invest as many hours, and tears, and prayers for us in our formative years than the one we call “Mother.” And even after the nest is emptied, Mom is ready to counsel and comfort even the most rebellious of her offspring. The grace that grows from unconditional love seems part of the DNA of most mothers.

I know that for some this is an idealization of mothers that does not match their experience. I do not believe that any mother is perfect (although my late mother, Marilyn, and my living mother-in-law Babs would be in the running for such a recognition). I know that there are exceptions–abusive women, Moms on crack, distant women whose pursuit of a profession has treated their children like a trophy or a business asset. But those are the exceptions, not the rule. Even in our fallen world, motherhood is often an incarnation of God’s love.

So today — wherever you are, whoever you are – take some time and honor your mother.


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