Long before I knew much about golf I discovered The Masters. It is actually one of my childhood memories. Grandma Reames’ house in Bellefontaine on a sunny day. Her big color TV and scenes from The Masters on its screen. In those days I didn’t even know the golfers’ names nor that much about golf. What was captivating with the scenery of Augusta National Golf Course.
Later I would learn names like Palmer and Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Tom Watson. Then there was the year one of my parishioners, Billy Kratzert led through the second round. Finally there was Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. So much drama against the backdrop of so much physical beauty. Some much tradition.

And who will forget the utterly improbable chip shot by Tiger Woods on the 16th hole in 2005 in the final round that led the memorable “fist-pump” as he celebrated a shot that ultimately forced a playoff which Tiger won.
As much as anything I associate this golf tournament with CBS Sports. In fact, even now I can hear the resonant tones of Jim Nantz as he announces “The Masters on CBS.” CBS’ long term partnership with the Augusta National Golf Course have helped create a tradition of excellence that has turned many a disinterested person into a golf fan the second full weekend in April.

Not all tradition is helpful or useful. But in today’s world where so much is temporary and most people pursue the flash instead of the class–The Masters on CBS can remind us of the beauty and the attractive of tradition done with excellence.


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