Steve Mossburg is a man on the ground in Haiti, serving God on behalf of the Churches of God. Recently he posed this question in his blog-and this is the beginning of his answer:

“Life in Haiti is unpredictable at best all we can predict is that tomorrow may be worse than today. The little girl in the picture is living in a refugee camp in Montrouis her future for now is better than it was the day after the quake. She has shelter, clothing, water and food. In Haiti it is said parents try not to get attached to their children till they reach the age of five, the years of greatest risk till adulthood. The statistics are stark in that in Haiti the average life span is 20 plus years shorter than the U.S. Yesterday certainly was a reminder of that, as we were called on in two separate situations to try and save 3 lives of young adult Haitians.

The first one was a young 20 year old who was rushed to us as a drowning accident. Six young men and their employer were out from Port Au Prince for a day at the beach. All were in the water having a good time when it was noticed that one of them could not be found. After a frantic rescue and getting the young man out of the water he was rushed to us where we tried unsuccessfully to revive him. As tragic as this was it was moving to see the real compassion in the faces of our visiting doctors as they had to tell the young mans friends that they had to stop life support for him.”

To read the rest of this post, go to this link.


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