First it was Villanova. Then it was Syracuse and Kansas. Next came Ohio State and Kansas State. Just moments ago mighty Kentucky fell.  Only the fact that victor West Virginia was a no. 2 seed kept that those seeds from being wiped from the brackets.  If Duke goes down tomorrow to Baylor, the most upset-laden NCAA tournament in my memory will certainly enter the record books.

Butler is the first in to the Final Four. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

Is there really a more exciting sports “event” than the NCAA Tournament? The drama, the passion, the David-and-Goliath contests, the Cinderella teams, so many adjectives, metaphors and images, so much excitement.  I have loved watching the Ohio University Bobcats, Cornell, St. Mary’s, Northern Iowa, just to name a few teams not generally household names. They have given us hours of excitement and enjoyment.

With Kentucky’s demise, the last of my Final Four picks exited the stage. So now we will settle in to watch Butler, West Virginia and its two yet-to-be named partners “duke” it out (no prediction implied.)

Is college basketball a great game or what?


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