It is the first day of spring.  Central Pennsylvania has been blessed with a warm day of sunshine and gentle breezes.  The day began tentatively for me.  I have been “under the weather” the past two days – a malady that has given me a periodic fever, sinus drainage and a wracking cough.  Almost every ounce of energy has been drained from me and at times I found it difficult to focus on the basketball games of March Madness as they marched across my television screen.  I ventured out to eat a little breakfast at my favorite restaurant and to stop by the church to see if there were any urgent matters to attend to.

Nothing was pressing and so I simply moved quietly through the day testing my stamina, accomplishing  few simple tasks, and enjoying the pleasant weather.  I even managed to take my wife out for an early supper, just to spend some quality husband and wife time.

As the day wound down, I paid a visit to my Facebook page.  No major reason except maybe boredom.  The new front page begins with a “newsfeed”  of postings from my Facebook Friends.  The first entry grabbed my attention.

“I know FB is no way to share the news but my husband has told me he wants a divorce.”

Immediately heartbreak invaded my day.  Terrible words that brought me grief, for now a life had been wounded by another’s declaration that they no longer wanted to be a family.  The covenant that was made at the altar of a church in a previous year was being ended by a decision of one to go their separate way.  The sadness is multiplied because there is a young child who now loses the security of a parent who has announced that their love is not unconditional.

I wonder if that child now questions whether the parent’s love for them will end as well.  In a world of great insecurity, a parent’s love is an anchor that gives a child the security needed to grow and to thrive.  Two parents who keep their commitment to love one another adds a hedge of emotional protection that sustains a child through some of the worst of times.  Now a breach has been made in that certainty.

Now a spouse and a child have been wounded on what should have been a day of hope and encouragement.

It is a wound that God never intended when He created in us the ability to love and be loved.  “Love never fails” is His declaration.

The tragedy of humanity is that we do not let God’s love do its true work–of bringing wholeness and peace and joy.  And when we chose to love ourselves more than the other, a wave of pain washes over everyone connected to us in any way.

I pray for all who are touched by this great sadness.  I pray for the one who felt that love was ended.


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