I hate TYPOS. I was just reading the header on this blog and found a small typo. I wonder how long it has been there. Any typo that makes it into print has existed too long.

Typos mar your image. They are a literary smudge on your life’s script. You can be seen as a genius or even a savior, but a typo causes people to entertain the thought that you are not thoughtful. That you are careless. I imagine Jesus was glad that he didn’t have to print a bulletin or publish a blog. There are no typos in an oral presentation. (As I originally typed that sentence, it read “They are no types …”

I have learned that to proofread your own work doesn’t eliminate typos. Your mind “sees” what you intended to say, not its incorrect spelling. And spell check is not a help if the word resembles another word that means something else. (Is that a typo of meaning?) Secretaries who make typos on the boss’s stuff make people think the boss is not supervising properly.

The list of the little “hells” that a typo unleashes goes on.

Yet a typo can also actually be the reflection of someone who thinks deeply and creatively. My wife says my typos come because my mind moves faster than my keyboard. I am far down the track in an idea and don’t see the typo that has occurred in the aftermath. (I like that explanation.)

Typos are types typed on a keyboard that rise up and embarrass us. But typos may not be so much a reflection of our haste or carelessness as it is a reflection of our humanity. Hopefully people will measure us by the fruit, not our typos.

  1. Tammie said:

    Thank you for writing this!! It expresses my personal mantra much better than I do. Are you planning to cross-post to other blogs? It might be pertinent to evangelism as I don’t think I’m alone in judging church web sites by such things (whether that’s right or wrong is another post altogether!)

  2. Tammie said:

    But as I re-read the second part, I see you do exhibit more grace than I do on these things … 🙂

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