Jake is my grandson and is nearing his second birthday. We are quickly learning that he is quickly learning. He can clearly tell you when he wants you to leave and/or leave him alone. Jake already is an avid football fan.He has learned how to get his Daddy in trouble with his Mommy (or at least to try). He has a clearly defined taste in movies (Up and Wallee) He has mastered the speed dial on a cell phone (the 911 dispatcher can attest to that.) Jake even decided independently the other day that his Mom should call Grandma (He didn’t yet know the number. He’s brilliant but he hasn’t learned to read a phone book — yet.)

Jake has many good influences on his life. Christi and Tim are great parents. But Jake has got it all wired because he has a mentor – Talking Elmo. Elmo is a toddler’s equivalent to Yoda – full of simple, yet pithy thoughts – intended to shape a life.

The other day Jake did something that earned the ire of his mother. (He has also learned to be a nuisance.) When Christi reprimanded him somewhat sharply, Jake was nonplussed. He simply responded with something Elmo had taught him, “Mommy – BE NICE!”)

Never underestimate the power of a mentor.


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