Washington is once again embroiled in one of its endless, and at times, seemingly pointless battles over another “critical issue” for our nation. This is a continuation of the health care crisis.  We should make no mistake about it- health care in this country is in crisis. Just yesterday a parishioner told me that her parents no longer had coverage. Her father had had heart surgery, was later laid off, and the cost of COBRA coverage was simply impossible for them.  The other day I had to pay the true cost of a prescription that my insurance provider would not certify for co-pay (a co-pay that rose by 25% on January 1).

These two illustrations are anecdotal but the research clearly backs up the fact that more and more Americans are finding the cost of healthcare climbing beyond their abilities. (Check the link above for more information)

Mr Obama has staked much of his political reputation on resolving this issue. Whether a  Democrat or a Republican, I believe most of just want to see a fair and equitable solution to this problem.  The impression that many of us have is that in public, pols on both sides say one thing, but in private they are wrangling to get as much personal political advantage out of the “solution” as possible.  What about a solution that benefits all the people instead of some of the people? What about a solution that reflects the truly interdependent nature of everything in this nation and really requires us to cooperate with one another instead of our competing with one another?

Mr Obama, as the nation’s chief executive officer, is attempting to take the lead on this issue.  I, for one, am praying for him — praying that he will see and defend the “big picture” instead of any particular political ideology – that he will not concern himself so much with the desires on a Pelosi or a McConnell, but the nameless Americans who will pay the price and who will be the recipients of the health care if they can gain true access to it.


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