During the last presidential election campaign, I got into a discussion with a person who told me, “I’m not going to vote for that Obama person.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not going to stand before my Maker at judgment day and tell Him that I voted for someone who kills babies.”
“You have it on good authority that Mr Obama kills babies?”
“Well not him personally, but he supports those who do.”
“Well what if God asks you a different question come Judgement Day?”
“Like what?”
“Like, what did you do for the poor, the homeless, etc?”
“He’s not going to ask that?”
“I think you can count on it, read Matthew 25.”
“Well, I’m concerned about abortion.”
“You may be a single issue voter, but God is not a single issue God.”

I’m pretty sure I did not persuade them, but as another election cycle begins to fire up, I would encourage you to remember that living for God in a complex world can never be reduced to the simplicity of a single issue to the detriment of the many. many things for which God has a deep concern.


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